Power Your Electric Vehicle From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Ev car charging

Solar by CIR Equips Our Clients with Home Chargers for Electric Vehicle Charging

The most convenient place to charge your electric vehicle
is where it will be parked most often – your driveway.

Find Your EV Charging Station

Practical Solutions to Charging Your EV

There are plenty of reasons why you should install a home charger for your electric vehicle. Let’s take a look at just a few reasons.



You have the luxury of charging your vehicle from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or sleeping, all you have to do is remember to plug in your vehicle.


Be Ready for the Future

Come 2035, New York State will no longer be selling new fossil fuel vehicles. This means electric vehicles are here to stay. As more people make the switch to EVs, the demand for at-home chargers will only increase.


Increases Your Home’s Value

This is a long-term investment, and it will certainly pay off should you decide to sell your home. It also makes your home more attractive to potential buyers.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it Safe to Charge My EV at Home?

    Yes. The charging station is designed so that no electricity flows through the cord or coupler until after it is connected to the vehicle.

  • What is Needed to Charge My Electric Vehicle at Home?

    Technically, you can charge your electric vehicle with a level 1 charging station. However, this is the slowest type of charging. A standard household outlet is considered a level 1 charging station. A level 2 charging station is the better choice. This is the fastest way to charge your electric vehicle at home. It can be installed on the side of your house or in your garage.

  • Will My House Require Additional Wiring for My EV Charger?

    Yes. A Level 2 charging station requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit. Installing one is a simple project for a handy electrician, such as an electrical contractor from CIR Electric.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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