We’re grateful for your patronage. To show our appreciation, we’re offering a “Referral Deal” of $500 for friends and family that install a solar system with CIR.

The Referral Deal is designed to offer incentives for those who have previously installed a solar system with Solar by CIR, who encourage friends and family to go solar too. To participate, please fill out some basic details on the form below. Within 48 hours, a Solar by CIR representative will reach out to the referral listed and include the source of the referral in our database. When your referral goes through the process and signs a contract with us, we’ll notify you to let you know. After the project has been installed, all inspections have been performed, and payment has been secured for the project, Solar by CIR will issue you a check for $500! It’s that simple. Tell a friend today!

(For those who are not a past CIR solar customer, we are still offering $250 for referrals from those who didn’t get a solar system installed, but referred someone to us who does.)