Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Services

If you need to remove the solar panels from your roof for any reason – such as home repairs, additions, upgrades, or installing a new roof – our expert team can remove and reinstall them at any point in the process to reduce the risk of damaging them. As needed, we’ll coordinate with your roofer or contractor, and can replace any equipment during reinstall.

Service Overview

If you need to replace or repair your roof, and you currently have a solar system installed, Solar by CIR can help. As professional electricians in business for over 45 years, we understand the requirements and nuances involved in the removal and reinstallation of solar panels for your home improvement projects.

Typically, the process of removing and reinstalling your solar panels takes about a day each. We’ll coordinate with your roofing company or contractor, and once the work is complete we’ll reinstall your solar panels with the same expertise we use to install new systems.

Simply fill out a service request to learn how we can safely remove and reinstall your panel system.

Solar by CIR

Not sure who supports your equipment? We can help

We service all major solar inverter manufacturers, including: Fronius, SolarEdge, Sungrow, Delta, and more. 

Solar inverters have a direct impact on your solar production and cost savings. If your solar system is not as efficient as it used to be, a common fix is replacing a solar inverter.

Has your original solar company gone out of business? Reach out to our team of experts.

We have over 4 decades worth of experience working with solar panels. We have had plenty of customers come to us to fix their panels – even if we did not install them originally.

  • Evergreen
  • Flexcell
  • G24i
  • Gadir Solar
  • GlobalWatt
  • GreenRay
  • GreenVolts
  • Helios Solar