Solar 101

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How does solar energy work?

When a solar power system gets installed on a roof or ground mounts, the most common type of solar panels used are photovoltaic (or “PV”) panels. The panels absorb light particles, called photons, from the sun. These particles then flow through the semi-conductive materials in the panels, creating an electrical current. Solar panels will convert the captured sunlight to DC electricity. An inverter then converts DC electricity to AC, which powers your home or business. Current technology has produced sleek black solar modules that aesthetically complement any architectural style.

The process of installing a solar system is less complicated than you might think. The first step we encourage you to take is to collect your most recent electric bill from your utility company. You can then take this short quiz to see if your home or business is right for a solar installation or community solar. The quiz will ask things like: age of your roof, whether you own or rent, and your average monthly energy bill.

Once you’ve taken these steps, we will work with you to determine your best installation and financing options.