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Solar Installations

Residential Installation – East Bethany, NY

Going Solar 

The biggest reason the homeowners wanted to go solar was because of their high electric bills. They started talking to friends and colleagues who have solar, and they all said how much they love it. After talking with CIR, they learned more about solar and the grants available to help with the cost of the panels. 

Installation Process

“It only took the crew a few days to get the job done, and they were very kind and friendly. They answered all of our questions and did an exceptional job putting up everything needed for the job and cleaned up all their work.” 

Good to Know

“Another great thing is, there is an app available on your phone where you can see how the panels are working or not working for you.” 

“We are so glad we made the change, and the price is already working in our favor. We would highly recommend CIR for all your solar needs.”

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Location: East Bethany, NY

Is Solar Right for You?

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