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Residential Install, W. Humboldt Parkway

“This home located on Humboldt Parkway between Main Street and Parkside and a half a block away from Delaware Park was a prime location for solar,” said Jeff Pedro, CFO of CIR Electric Construction Corp. Not only does it get plenty of sun, the Scajaquada Expressway is right in front of this historic home.
“Our Queen Ann Victorian home was built in 1882 by Walter and Lulu Kamper. As he and Lulu were very much fans of their era of modernity, (eg cars, electricity) they would have most likely approved of our decision to add solar,” said Dan Cadzow, homeowner.

“Naturally wanting a better future for our kids, their kids, their kids’ friends, and their planet, we want the world to go green energy. And living in front of a freeway that carries 40 to 50 thousands motorists a day, we felt we were in an advantageous position to guide the herd in the right direction. With our attractive Victorian and all the traffic, it seems likely that people would see the panels and say, “Hey, maybe it is time to look into that.” A few on my neighbors have already expressed interest in finding out more,” Cadzow added.

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Project Details

Location: Buffalo, NY

Commissioned Date: September 2014

System Size: 6kW Solar System

Inverter: SolarEdge Technologies

Optimizer: SolarEdge Technologies

Module: 20 Silevo Triex U_Series 300

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