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Municipality Install, Village of Oakfield Solar Array

Solar by CIR was pleased to work with the Village of Oakfield to install a 195.3 kW ground mount solar array to offset the electrical costs of their sewage treatment facility. This Power Purchase Agreement will defray 51% of the electrical costs associated with the plant. The project uses 630 Jinko Solar 310W modules and 5 SolarEdge 33,300 watt inverters atop IronRidge racking. The array will produce 208,560 kilowatt hours a year that is remote net-metered to the Village of Oakfield within National Grid service territory.

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Project Details

Location: Oakfield, NY

Commissioned Date: January 2017

System Size: 195.3 kW Solar System

Inverter: SolarEdge Technologies

Optimizer: SolarEdge Technologies

Module: JKM310P-72-V

Racking: IronRidge XRS Standard Rail

Estimated Energy Generation: 208,560 kWh

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