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Residential Install, West Seneca, NY

This homeowner chose to go solar both for financial and environmental reasons. We won’t be able to top his testimonial, so we’re just going to let the customer speak for themself:

“I chose solar for two reasons. First, it was an investment that I chose to make.  The return on my investment will far exceed the upfront cost.  Secondly, and more importantly, I feel that I had an obligation to limit my carbon foot print.  We all hear about the negative effect we are having on the ecosystem.  This is one small step that if lots of people were to take, a large impact could be made.

There were no special circumstances during the install.  The crew was at the house for a day and a half.  Everything was installed and they showed me how to read the meter.  Everything went well.

On a side note, the town inspector stated CIR was “one of the better installers.””

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Project Details

Location: West Seneca, NY

System Size: 7.59kW

Inverter: SolarEdge Technologies

Optimizer: SolarEdge Technologies

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