Benefits of a Commercial Solar Installation

If you are a business leader or manager, you will agree that electricity cost is one of your enterprise’s highest overhead costs. By depending on the commercial power grid, it is not surprising that your business will sometimes find itself being subjected to price increases or electricity rate fluctuations.

Fortunately, a proficient commercial solar installer can help you flip that script and achieve energy independence on your commercial or industrial property. With a commercial solar installation, your business can save on utility bills, lower its operating expenses, and reap the benefits of cheaper and cleaner renewable energy.

1. More Energy Security for Your Business

Installing solar on your commercial property will boost your operations significantly since the installation will help you avoid complete power outages. Fitting solar panels to power your business premises will ensure that you are on the safe side when outages caused by a power grid struggling to meet surging energy demands occur. By investing in a commercial solar system, your business will have 24/7 access to power and create a solar micro-grid independent of utility energy providers.

2. Profiting from Net Metering

Depending on the season, there will always be times when the solar power you generate exceeds your business’s usage and times when power generated falls behind. Each time your solar panels generate high amounts of electricity. In contrast, your usage is low; your business can always send out the excess power into the state power grid and build up credits to be used the moment your business will need to rely on electricity from the grid. In other words, net metering lets your business save on electricity costs by allowing you to trade off excess electricity and enjoying subsidized electricity bills when you need grid electricity.

3. Reduced Operating Costs

With the installation of a commercial solar system, businesses with high energy usage can generate free, green power to be used on-site, reducing their operating expenses. Industrial and commercial properties installing solar energy systems on their premises can boost their cash flow by bringing costly electricity bills down as they scale up solar energy generation. Since commercial solar energy systems function efficiently for up to 30 years, commercial solar installation is a worthwhile project with a great investment return in future years.

4. Increased Commercial Property Value

Besides producing the energy needed by your commercial building, adding a solar energy system into your commercial building’s energy portfolio can increase the property’s value. If you intend to sell the industrial property with time, a commercial solar installation is a rewarding undertaking and a surefire way to increase your commercial property’s value. With the solar revolution that is taking place, listed properties that are solar-equipped are not only fetching good market prices; they are also selling faster because most property buyers are looking for energy-efficient buildings

5. Solar Tax Benefits and Savings

As the federal and local governments continue to encourage the move towards renewable energy through financial assistance programs and tax incentives, investing in commercial solar installation means that your business stands to reap huge incentives. By capitalizing on the Federal Investment Tax credits and additional local tax rebates, businesses can significantly lower their energy costs in the foreseeable future by installing solar power systems while also realizing the rewards of sustainable energy strategies for their businesses.

6. A Greener Image for Your Business

By going solar, your business is sending out the message that you are an eco-conscious and environmentally responsible organization. Which, in turn, distinguishes your business from its competitors. On top of protecting the environment, installing a solar energy system on your commercial properties boosts your public relations and marketing efforts to a great extent. Implementing a solar energy system on your commercial properties affords your brand a greener image, considering that solar panels are a sustainable renewable energy source. Ultimately, your brand gets good publicity as an eco-friendly brand, improving how everyone in the community views your business.

7. Flexible Financing Options

Depending on your state, plenty of financing options for commercial property owners looking to tap into sustainable energy strategies are available. Financing options such as solar loans, power purchase agreements, and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) are available for commercial and industrial building owners. The good news is that once the installations are done, businesses can leverage low-cost energy returns and the competitive advantages that such a low-risk investment portends in both the short and longer-term.

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