Solar by CIR Employee Becomes The Customer

In a world filled with influencers do we ever know for sure if the person doing the promoting really uses the product? Well, when it comes to CIR Solar employee, Jordan Yax, there is no second guessing.

Let’s be honest, purchasing a product that you sell is not uncommon, but changing your home over to solar is certainly more of a commitment than purchasing your average retail item. We asked Jordan some questions about his experience becoming a customer, and here is what he had to say:

Despite working with CIR customers every day, what surprised you the most when you became the customer?

I was surprised by my level of excitement and anticipation leading up to the install date. I couldn’t wait to turn the system on. Once the system was turned on and we were able to look at the monitoring app, watching the system produce energy in real time was really exciting.

What part of this journey taught you the most about what your customers are feeling?

When I would see the sun hit the panels, knowing I had to wait for the net meter to be installed and turned on, I wanted it to be instantaneous, even though I certainly know better. Some customers have told us they feel as if  they are bothering us when they ask for updates. I understand how they may think that, but customer questions are never a bother. We always strive to be as proactive as possible to keep our customers updated, but now more than ever I understand their anticipation. 

Did your neighbors ask you questions once they noticed the action going on at your house?

Yes, a lot of neighbors had questions. I realize working for CIR makes me more knowledgeable than someone who does not work for a solar company, but I was surprised by how little people know about solar.  Some were skeptical, some were interested and may investigate it for themselves.  I think seeing the process firsthand makes some people become curious about going solar with their home.

Prior to working at CIR did you ever think you would become a solar home? 

I looked into it for my old house, about 8 years ago, before I worked for Solar by CIR.  I got a quote from a different company and decided against it mostly because I had other priorities.

What misconception did you have about solar prior to working at CIR? 

I was under the impression that the return on investment wasn’t as good as it is.

What made you decide to go for it?  

The incentives are best right now and the NYSERDA loan program I qualified for made it an easy decision.  My only regret is not doing it sooner!

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