How to Clean Your Solar Panels: Spoiler Alert – DON’T

Are you wondering how to clean your solar panels? We’ll be among the first to admit that there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a spotless array of solar panels gleaming on the rooftop in the sunlight—and we know we’re not alone in our admiration. One of the questions we get asked often by people with solar panels is how to clean them. And the best answer we have may surprise you: DON’T. 

While dirt and debris can affect how much sunlight gets through to convert the light to energy, improper cleaning can permanently damage the panels, affecting their appearance and performance. We simply recommend allowing the rain to wash the panels or if your panels are dusty a quick rinse with a hose.  

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Solar Panels

Here are a few reasons why you should not attempt to do the job yourself:


Getting up onto your roof isn’t easy for most homeowners, especially if your house is two or more stories high. Without the correct ladders and safety equipment, the injury risk from falls at that height can be significant and even deadly, so don’t put yourself at risk.


When it comes to removing dirt, a common assumption is that because solar panels are designed to withstand strong winds, hail, and snowstorms, they’re rugged enough to use abrasive cleaning implements like steel wool or a putty knife to remove stubborn marks like tree sap or bird doo.

The truth is that these tools can permanently scratch and damage panel surfaces, which will significantly impact their efficiency. 


The cleaning products available to homeowners to get grime off tubs and windows are not designed for sensitive surfaces like solar panels. Household cleaners can create permanent streaks across your panels, which will cause glare from the sunlight and hurt your solar installation’s performance.

You can also rest assured knowing that anytime there is a storm, whether it’s rain or snow, your panels will get cleaned. The rain and melted snow will help clean off any debris, and you won’t have to think about doing it yourself.

Reach Out to Solar Panel Experts

If you are concerned about how much energy your solar panels are capturing, please reach out to us. We offer a wide variety of Solar Panel Services to ensure your solar system is at maximum efficiency.