NYSERDA announces new Affordable Solar program

BUFFALO, NY – NY-Sun was an initiative that was launched by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) that offered incentives for those looking to install solar panels on their home. The incentive is structured in Megawatt blocks. In each block, a dollar per watt incentive is offered and, as those Megawatt blocks are filled up by new customer installations, we move to the next tier of the incentive. Click here to see a real time dashboard showing the Megawatt block status in your area: http://ny-sun.ny.gov/For-Installers/Megawatt-Block-Incentive-Dashboard

In November, NYSERDA announced an addition to the NY-Sun initiative as a further push to make solar power even more accessible. Affordable Solar is a program being added to the NY-Sun initiative in an effort to reach out to low to moderate income households. Those eligible will qualify for double the incentive that is currently being offered by the NY-Sun initiative. The income guidelines vary from county to county qualifying those who fall beneath 80% of the area or state median income. In order to qualify, you would also need an electricity efficiency assessment of the home to determine whether any lighting or heating/cooling upgrades are necessary to decrease your energy consumption before getting your solar system installed.

Affordable Solar is a $13 million initiative. About half of that funding will go towards low to moderate income households. The rest of it will be applied to Community Solar, an effort to reach renters and those with roofs unsuitable for solar installations. Read more about Community Solar in our previous blog, “Is Community Solar Right For You?”.

Here’s the official Affordable Solar announcement from NYSERDA’s website:


To find out more about Affordable Solar and whether you qualify, click here:


There, you’ll find household income guidelines for your county, a link to the program application, and a list of installers in your area.