Reasons You Might Want a Battery for Your Solar Power System

Solar by CIR’s customers are realizing the proven benefits of solar energy. By taking advantage of our Solar by CIR financing options, residents can often save money beginning in the first month! In addition, installing a solar battery can also help reduce your energy bill.

Later Use of Stored Electricity

Installing a battery as part of your solar panel system is helpful in storing the excess energy produced by the solar panels. Solar panels on the roof of your house use the sun’s rays to produce energy during the day. This is the electricity you use in your home for your electrical appliances and for other needs. However, solar panels do not store any excess energy that’s created. The solution? You can install a solar battery to help you store the excess energy from the solar panels.

Lower Utility Bill

Installing a battery as part of the solar panel system will help you to store excess energy for later use in your home. This will help you create energy independence. You are able to use the stored energy any time you wish, even at night or on a cloudy day. You’re also able to take advantage of Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. You can use the excess energy stored in the battery during hours when utility charges are high. As a homeowner, you’re able to save money by monitoring your electricity usage in the home as you take advantage of stored solar energy.

Save Money from the First Month

It’s possible to start saving money from the get-go when you install your solar panel system. First, check into the incentives offered by Solar by CIR. In addition, look into available installment loans . The monthly loan payment is often lower than your current electric bill. And once the loan has been repaid, you’ll really benefit from the long term investment of installing solar panels!

Backup System

When you experience power outages from the grid, a battery can help light up your home. The excess energy from the solar panels can also be used for your TV,  refrigerator, laptop and other electric appliances. The battery’s backup system will be activated immediately when there is a power outage and provide power to its connections.

Solar is Environmentally Friendly

When you use the excess energy that is stored in the battery, you reduce carbon emission. Solar energy is environmentally friendly compared to electricity produced by brown coal. Storing excess energy from the solar panel for later use helps to reduce your carbon footprint. When you reduce the use of electricity produced by sources that are not environmentally friendly, you contribute to a cleaner environment.


Installing a battery as part of your solar panel system is beneficial in many ways because you’re putting excess energy to good use. The solar battery ensures any excess energy that’s generated by your solar panels using the sun rays during the day doesn’t go to waste. You can even use this energy at night. A battery helps to store the excess energy and will eventually help you to lower the cost of your electricity bill. The battery also creates energy independence, acts as a backup system and is friendly to the environment.  With Solar by CIR, your cost-saving measures start from the first month and you gain a long term ROI. You can install your battery and enjoy the cost benefits that Solar by CIR has to offer. 

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