Sunny days ahead for the solar industry

Yesterday Congress announced a huge budget extension for the federal solar tax credits, the solar industry here in Buffalo will see a five year extension. The legislation extends the 30 percent tax credit for three years, through 2019. It then will drop to 26 percent in 2020 and 22 percent in 2021.

Ashley said she “breathes easy” now that the extension, approved in a vote by Congress on Friday, has added a greater degree of certainty to the solar industry over the next five years.

“Solar developers are no longer having sleepless nights about how their business model will succeed past 2016,” she said. “From here on out, we anticipate a long and prosperous market for solar energy.”

To see the entire article from The Buffalo News, click here.

Ashley was also able to speak to Steve Brown of Channel 2 News yesterday about what this means for CIR.